MEDIA RELEASE: Wednesday, 25th November 2015

An exclusive opportunity is on offer to high-end audio enthusiasts and reviewers, with MSB Technology’s flagship SELECT DAC II now available for demonstration in Melbourne through distributor Audio Fidelity.

“It’s time to discover how much of your music you’ve been missing while using lesser devices,” Stuart Ralston, Director of Audio Fidelity, Australian distributor for MSB Technology, says. “Be prepared to be absolutely astounded by this DAC. Respectfully, I believe it is quite literally the best in the world.”

“With the ability to drive the output direct from the DAC stages, without the need for any output op-amp or buffer stage, the SELECT DAC II is designed to be the last component in your system before the amplifiers,” Mr Ralston says. “There isn’t anything else on the market that offers this feature. The result is unprecedented fidelity and transparency.”

Even more impressive is the fact that the particular unit on display in Melbourne is the first SELECT DAC II off the production line, displaying the special serial number 001.

The SELECT DAC II is stellar in performance and appearance, with captivating features which include 8 new MSB Hybrid DAC modules, low noise display, and a DUAL SELECT Power Base, containing independent supplies for both digital and analog, with built-in Isolation Base. For the ultimate experience, the power base can be upgraded to a pair of single SELECT Power Bases, completely isolating the digital and analog supplies.

“The SELECT DAC II easily surpasses its competitors and exceeds high-end expectations,” Mr Ralston says. “The design and construction of MSB Technology’s range offers unprecedented resolution, an unbelievably low noise-floor, and the lowest levels of digital jitter of any such product.”

The DAC and Power Base are milled from a solid billet of aluminium and the modular design makes future upgrades easy. The added 10-year upgrade guarantee seals the deal, with owners given the option of improvements as they become available, paying only the difference in price and the return postage.

Earlier this year, MSB Technology released measurements which provided solid proof of the DAC’s performance. The results were astonishing, revealing an effective bit depth of 28.5 – exceeding the already full 24 bit resolution of MSB Technology’s Diamond DAC V. This previously unheard of result means that the SELECT DAC II easily surpasses the performance of its closest competitor, a discrete delta sigma DAC, which only came in at 22 bits.

Testing also revealed that the SELECT DAC II produces the lowest level of ultrasonic noise of any DAC on the market, preserving the fidelity of the sound in an unmatched capacity. The SELECT DAC II epitomises Audio Fidelity’s dedication to and fascination with assembling playback systems which reproduce audio with the highest possible fidelity.

“If you want the best then look no further. The amazing musicality, resolution and clarity is too hard to resist if you’re serious about your high-end system,” Mr Ralston says. “Don’t miss out on your chance to experience the best conversion the industry has to offer. Your search stops here.”

A second SELECT DAC II will soon be available for demonstration in Brisbane through Hotspur Fine Audio Pty Ltd. This silver unit will feature the power base upgrade.

Audio Fidelity is the Australian distributor for MSB Technology. We distribute and support some of the world’s top performing audio equipment and have strong working relationships with a range of specialist manufacturers. Visit for more information.

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