Now is the time to get your tickets for the rapidly approaching Australian Audio & AV Show ’13 – Melbourne. We are pleased to report that we will be exhibiting three different systems in three different rooms at the show (rooms 310, 321 and 330).

The first of three rooms will feature an all-out-assault system built around the truly full range MT3.2 active loudspeaker system from SGR Audio Pty Ltd. Sources will include the brand new dual-arm version of Brinkmann Audio’s venerable BALANCE high mass turntable sporting a Brinkmann Audio 12.1 tonearm as well as the least compromised pivoted tonearm in existence, the AXIOM by Acoustical Systems. Both tonearms will be expertly guiding Brinkmann Audio EMT Ti moving coil cartridges through the grooves. RIAA duties will be handled by the stunning Brinkmann Audio Edison hybrid phono preamplifier with its three distinct inputs. On the digital side we will have the SGR Audio MusicKube music server feeding bit perfect output into the Signature DAC IV Plus from MSB Technology. All equipment will be supported on a modular equipment rack from SGR Audio. Signal cables will be comprise van den Hul’s finest 3T The Mountain Hybrid while power will be handled by IsoTek Systems.

The second of three rooms will be no less impressive than the first. Heading up the system will be the uniquely-styled Vivid Audio GIYA G3 loudspeakers, created by Laurence Dickie. Making its Australian debut and driving the GIYAs via van den Hul 3T The Air bi-wire speaker cables, will be the breathtaking Tenor Audio 175S hybrid power amplifier. Sources will include the combination of Black Dragon music server and The Analog DAC from MSB Technology. On the analogue side we assembled the very best vinyl playback system we could for the lowest possible cost of entry. It comprises the Brinkmann Audio Bardo electromagnetic drive turntable, a Jelco SA-750E 10″ tonearm (sporting an exclusive custom geometry and Arche headshell by Acoustical Systems), and the eminently musical MC-One Special moving coil cartridge from van den Hul.

The third room will showcase a system which we feel represents the very best performance for the money in all of high end audio. Visitors will have the chance to hear the CX3B and CX4F active loudspeakers from SGR Audio with a front end comprising The Analog DAC from MSB Technology with Black Dragon and Oppo universal players providing the 1s and 0s. One lucky visitor will also have the chance to win a pair of CX3B active speakers.

The team from Audio Fidelity is looking forward to meeting many like-minded music lovers and bringing them closest to the original sound. A number of special guests will be with us to answer your questions and provide special insight into their specific products. Of particular note is Mr Dietrich D. Brakemeier of Acoustical Systems who is joining us all the way from Germany. This is an event not to be missed.

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