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Brinkmann Audio products we offer:
  • Balance, Spyder, Oasis and Bardo turntables
  • Sinus turntable motor
  • Nyquist DAC
  • The Marconi line stage, as well as mono and stereo power amplifiers
  • Vollverstärke integrated amplifier
  • Edison and Fein phono stages
  • A variety of tonearms
  • Pi and EMT-ti cartridges

Helmut Brinkmann stands steadfastly behind the German company which takes his name.

Brinkmann Audio is best known for its range of perfectly executed high-mass, non-suspended turntables, using either belt-drive (Spyder and Balance models) or electromagnetic direct-drive methodologies (Bardo and Oasis models).

No world-class turntable would be complete without a range of equally uncompromising tonearms and cartridges which is why Brinkmann Audio offers the 10.0, 10.5, and 12.1 tonearms, and the Pi and EMT-ti moving coil cartridges.

Equally invaluable to the passionate music lover is the range of Brinkmann Audio electronics which comprises the aptly named Integrated, Stereo, and Mono amplifiers; the Fein and Edison phono stage preamplifiers; the Marconi line stage preamplifier; the RöNt II vacuum tube turntable power supply; and the new Nyquist digital-to-analog converter.