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Founded in 1998 and based in southern Bavaria, Acoustical Systems is dedicated to the design and manufacture of no-compromise solutions for the true connoisseur of vinyl record playback.

Chief engineer Dietrich D. Brakemeier has accumulated more than 38 years of experience in the field of high end analog sound reproduction.

Being obsessed with the geometric aspects of vinyl playback, Dietrich introduced the ultimate cartridge alignment tool, the UNI-Protractor, to the global market in 2011, followed closely by the UNI-P2S for the precise setting of tonearm pivot-to-spindle distance.

Today, the Acoustical Systems range includes: the award-winning SMARTractor universal tonearm and cartridge set up tool; four moving coil phono cartridges, the archon, the astron, the aiwon, and the Palladian; three pivoted tonearms, the 12” AXIOM and the AQUILAR in both 10” and 12” versions; the cost-no-object APOLYT turntable; the EVOCATOR vacuum tube phono preamplifier; the HELOX spindle clamp; the arché removable headshell with aggelos silver headshell leads and SMARTguard stylus protector; and the SMARTstylus for setting cartridge VTA, SRA, and azimuth.