I was recently browsing some of the fantastic audio systems showcased on Audiogon when I came across a user who recently upgraded his digital front end to the creme de la creme from MSB Technology. He uses the MSB Signature Data CD IV with its matching Signature Transport Power Base to extract every bit from the optical disc and the MSB Diamond Platinum DAC IV with Femtosecond Galaxy Clock and Diamond Power Base.

In his own words….

As for my MSB digital front end, I do enjoy it very much. I certainly consider it to be one of the best digital front ends available. Before deciding on it, I owned the Esoteric P03/D03/G0s stack for 5 years. When I got back into analog however, I found myself having a hard time listening to the Esoteric digital – I just couldn’t relax into the music with it. So I started to audition different digital front ends.

In my system I was able to audition the MSB Signature DAC IV and Platinum transport, the MSB Diamond DAC IV with the optional clock module and the new Signature transport, the EMM XDS1, and the CH Precision CD/SACD transport with its matching C1 DAC. I was also able to hear the full DCS Scarlatti stack in my friends system and compared that to his analog front end.

Based on what I heard and also my personal listening preferences, the 2 digital front ends that I enjoyed the most were the MSB Diamond DAC with Signature transport and the CH Precision digital stack. The CH Precision, when used with its built in preamp and bypassing my preamp was really good and if I had a digital only system, I might have gone with it. But with the need for a preamp, the MSB sounded better to me going through my preamp than the CH Precision. I now fully enjoy listening to digital again.

It has also come to my attention that Bruce A. Brown of Puget Sound Studios in the USA uses the MSB Technology Diamond Platinum DAC IV with Femtosecond Galaxy Clock and Diamond Power Base as well as the Platinum Studio ADC, also with Femtosecond Galaxy Clock and Diamond Power Base, for all of his PCM work.


Bruce says:

The MSB Diamond is the best PCM I’ve heard.

and on the topic of the Femtosecond Galaxy Clock option…

Gotta have it. Makes all the difference in the world.

He also says….

Well the best PCM A-D I’ve used is the MSB Platinum Studio ADC with Galaxy clock and the best PCM DAC I’ve heard is the MSB Diamond DAC IV. I think I’ve heard just about every DAC >$10k in a controlled setting. MSB is on to something!!

I guess if you have really deep pockets and a desire to own the very the bleeding edge in digital audio technology then why not.

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