Building on eight successful years of hi-fi rack design and manufacturing, SGR Audio has unveiled its newly engineered and impressively expanded lineup of sonically clarifying equipment racks.

“Our new hi-fi equipment racks are a seamless blend of innovative engineering, compelling performance and luxurious aesthetics. Our comprehensive range offers optimal placement and isolation solutions that can be customised to suit any setup.” – Stuart Ralston, SGR Audio

The SGR Hi-Fi Rack collection incorporates a total of six products across three diverse and individually powerful models at varying price points, each with its own unique package of advanced multifaceted isolation features and impeccable finishes. The range is visually expressed through three stunning styles: Signature, Symphony and Statement.

“We have devoted years to research and development in our insatiable pursuit of sonic accuracy and clarity. Our latest layered isolation technology works seamlessly to protect and enhance the listener’s experience.” – Stuart Ralston, SGR Audio

SGR Audio’s top of the range Model V features an ultimate package of vibration control and elimination. The powerfully effective silicon isolator and cross-brace combination works seamlessly with constrained-layer damped platforms and absorptive crushed quartz-filled posts to eliminate vibrations emanating from the equipment. Stabilising, adjustable steel feet, along with the equipment rack’s overall rigidity, provide additional clarity through protection against harmful vibrations from your floor surface and the surrounding environment. Take your listening experience to an even more transcendent level by opting for the exclusive Model V Statement which upgrades your equipment resting surfaces to the superior resonance control of SGR’s exquisite Corian™ Energy Sink platforms.

Across the range, modularity is the much-loved key feature that has been continued from the original design. Customisable heights and arrangements allow for the perfect match to be created for your equipment, and enables future expansion as required.

To complement the release of their new range, SGR Audio has also launched a new, dedicated hi-fi equipment racks website.

To read the full announcement from SGR Audio, click here.