MSB Discrete DAC front aspectMSB Technology has begun shipping its eagerly awaited Discrete DAC, with Audio Fidelity expected to receive its demo model by mid-August.

The Discrete DAC features two Prime DAC modules for a true balanced output derived from four stages of digital-to-analogue conversion and an ultra-low jitter integrated clock. A modular architecture allows for two digital input modules, accommodating any format or connector type available, either now or into the future.

Pricing for the Discrete DAC starts at AUD$14,850* inc GST.

The renderer module is available at AUD$3000* in GST.

*  Prices are subject to change according to daily fluctuations in the USD to AUD currency conversion.

To order your Discrete DAC, call (03) 9036 2751 Today.

More information about the Discrete DAC’s features and specifications can be found on MSB Technology’s website.