The September/October issue of Australian Hi-Fi features a cover photo of MSB Technology’s Platinum DAC IV and Universal Media Transport, expertly photographed in the studio by Harry Ralston of SGR Audio. Inside is a reprint of Greg Borrowman’s glowing review of the MSB stack, just in case you have not already picked up a copy of sister publication Audio Esoterica.

Also included is a nice little side bar description of MSB’s unique Sign-Magnitude Ladder DAC technology.

Pick up a copy at your local news stand or online.

An upgrade from the standard output module is the optional constant impedance passive volume control module which attenuates without any active circuitry; no transistors, no buffers, no op-amps. This allows the Reference DAC’s remarkable audio quality, and that of any analog source connected to the included stereo analog input, to be truly independent of volume setting. It also allows the user to add additional analog input or output modules in the future.

Besides its lifelike audio performance, one of the other compelling reasons for investing in a Reference DAC must surely be its modular architecture. At any time, up to four digital input modules can be user-installed, ensuring compatibility with all current and future formats.

We are pleased to report that our first shipment of Reference DACs will be arriving in Australia soon so be sure to register your interest in a demonstration of its prodigious musical capabilities.

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