CX3B Mk2After an extremely successful CX4F upgrade program, SGR Audio is now offering an exclusive opportunity for CX3B Mk1 and CX3C Mk1 owners to advance to their evolutionary second generation technology.

The most exciting aspect of the upgrade program is the instalment of SGR Audio’s renowned current-drive amplifier, which allows music to be delivered to the loudspeaker driver in its purest form with maximum ease.

“The sonic difference is clear and quite amazing. The level of smoothness and lack of grain is astonishing, bringing a whole new level of clarity to the listener’s experience.” – Stuart Ralston, SGR Audio

Along with its sleek, impeccably finished aesthetics, SGR Audio’s Mk2 current-drive amplifier enables the practical improvement of greater heat dissipation, allowing higher class A amplifier bias.

A new, custom-made and in-house assembled tweeter is also part of the upgrade package, providing a smoother on-axis response, higher frequency extension up to 30 kHz and greater power handling, lower distortion and improved transient response. Further intensifying this impressive offer are the additional inclusions of advanced enclosure damping to further reduce panel resonances and a power supply upgrade enabling increased capacitance.

This exclusive release has a limited production capacity of only 25 pairs of CX3B speakers and 10 CX3Cs, so interested Mk1 owners will need to act quickly. Participation in the upgrade program is $3,800 AUD per pair of CX3B Mk1s and $2,000 AUD per CX3C Mk1.

To read the full announcement from SGR Audio, click here.