Brinkmann Edison MKII

The expertly redesigned, sonically superior technology of Brinkmann Audio’s Edison MkII is available to owners of the original version through a distinctly appealing upgrade program.

The original Edison has become synonymous with cutting-edge technology and superior versatility over its eight-year production run, and many of its popular features have received substantial improvements through the relentless, skilful dedication of Helmut Brinkmann.

“Edison Mk II is more than an enhancement of its legendary predecessor. The culmination of Helmut Brinkmann’s four decades of audio design, it is our definitive statement of the analog art.” – Brinkmann Audio

The Edison already offers an ultimate level of fine-tuning unseen in any other phono stage, but the MkII takes performance to a transcendent level with a greatly improved output stage and valve stability creating a lower noise floor, fostering more detail and allowing the listener to experience a closer musical connection.

“In its Mk II incarnation, Edison’s RIAA EQ network has been completely re-designed. The result of Helmut Brinkmann’s relentless fine-tuning, nearly every capacitor has been updated with a new value or type, yielding increased accuracy and linearity.” – Brinkmann Audio

Owners of the original version can upgrade their unit for AUD$4000. The Edison MkII is also available in Australia through Audio Fidelity now for AUD$16,500.

Call Audio Fidelity to arrange your upgrade on (03) 9036 2751.

For technical specifications, visit the Edison Mk2 product page on Brinkmann Audio’s website.

Photo © Michael Rasche 2018